18 Things for a Happier 2018: Mini-Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! How is January going so far? I know, I know, you’re supposed to come up with your New Year’s Resolution before the new year, but I am a big procrastinator and am just getting around to it. Today I wanted to share a little bit about some resolutions and goals I’m setting for myself to have a happier 2018.

As I’ve said here before, I love when the new year rolls around. It’s a wonderful blank slate, full of new possibilities and hopes for the future. Every year, I like to come up with a word or mantra for the year. This year, my phrase is:

Put yourself proudly in front of the world and declare your place.

I want to spend this year really feeling like myself. Confident and happy and satisfied with doing what want to do and what feel is right. I want to spend less time and energy being stressed about things that I think I should be doing or that I’m expected to do. That being said, I also want to feel like a real grown lady and wash my sheets more regularly and keep the house clean and organized. You know what I mean?

No? That’s okay. I know I’m not explaining it very well. I guess I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. Not that I haven’t before. It’s just that, well, I’m turning 30 this year and I finally feel like I kind of have a grasp on what I want and what I’m doing in life, and I like that, and I want to continue that and really dig in and discover, hey world, this is me!

I recently started listening to a podcast called Happier with Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project – which I have not read, but probably should). Toward the end of the year, she shared a little challenge to come up with 18 things that will make you happier in 2018. Of course I loved this idea and knew immediately that I wanted to jump on this boat.

18 mini New Year’s Resolutions. 18 goals. 18 small things or 18 big things. It can be anything you want. Big, small, life-altering, or mundane. Just 18 things that will bring you more happiness in 2018. 18 things to print off and cross off your list.

So I spent a lot of time thinking about this list and curating it very carefully. I came up with my 18 things that will make me feel happier, more confident, more organized, and better able to soak in life’s simple pleasures. 18 things I’ve been meaning to do or just thought of. 18 things that will help me to put myself proudly in front of the world and declare my place. Alright, ya’ll. Here’s my list.

18 Things for a Happier 2018: Mini Resolutions for the New Year

18 things for a happier 2018

  1. Re-organize my photos into Google Photos (or something else I find works well) and create some printed albums
  2. Get a better grasp on my finances, budget and monthly spending
  3. Donate to a charity
  4. Join a gym or fitness class and get back into a regular work out routine
  5. Tackle the home office and make it my productivity sanctuary
  6. Paint the stairs!
  7. Visit the library and check out a book once a month
  8. Find more ways to engage with the French language in my everyday life
  9. Come up with and stick to a regular house cleaning schedule
  10. Have a date night once a week
  11. Visit Chicago!
  12. Make a list of our remaining home projects and get. them. done.
  13. Rewatch Game of Thrones before the final season
  14. Come up with a list of bars or restaurants in Grand Rapids that I haven’t been to and visit them!
  15. Create and stick to a posting and social media schedule for this blog
  16. Buy myself a good purse
  17. Have a dinner party and/or have friends/family over
  18. Hang up a gallery wall with personal photos

So I am going to print this list, hang it up in my office (once I get it organized…) and try my best to cross these things off this year! As you can see, some of them are cross-them-off-once-and-they’re-done tasks, and others are more ongoing. However, I love crossing things off lists, so I tried my best to word these in a way so that I actually can cross them off. For example, instead of saying “work out four times a week” I made it into an action item, “join a gym…” Others, though, will just have to be ongoing, like that weekly date night! šŸ˜‰

How about you?!

I’d love for you to join me in this fun little challenge. Download your printable list, fill that baby out, and hang it up where you’ll see it every day!

Thanks so much for visiting today, and please let me know if you decide to do this! I want to see your lists! Let’s all have a happier 2018!

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