about the unfinished project

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. The Unfinished Project is a lifestyle blog dedicated to creating your best life, one project at a time. What does that mean? Creating a beautiful home, fostering a positive and intentional lifestyle, and perhaps most importantly, being adventurous and experiencing what the world has to offer. Here you'll find thrifty furniture makeovers and other DIY projects for the home, advice on personal development as well as my own personal existential ramblings, and stories from my travels, particularly my time in France. 

what's with the name?

When I started this blog it was with a focus on DIY and home decor projects. You should see my house; at any given moment, I have about 13 projects in the works. Half-painted furniture, half-decorated rooms, various tools strewn about. So this name fit perfectly. But beyond DIY, I knew I had so much more that I wanted to share. I wanted to choose a name that encompassed all of the uncertainties and adventures that I knew I would be sharing here, along with my DIY projects. As I go through life, I feel like I am constantly reinventing myself. Always a new idea, always a new dream, always a new outlook. I used to think this was a bad thing at times. Just stick with something, ya know? But even though this is still a struggle for me, I try to remind myself that nobody has it all figured out. Success and happiness mean constant growth and change. We are all always reinventing ourselves. Life is just one big unfinished project. I thought this name fit perfectly as a way to describe my experience in life.

what can i expect here?

I post once a week, maybe more, and maybe a little less. If you look back through my old posts you'll see that I have a tendency to go through dry spells. I'd like to say those days are behind me, but I know myself, and I know that would be a lie. Every now and then I just need to take a step back, and that's okay. I used to allow myself to feel the pressure and would be overcome with guilt, but I'm trying to remind myself that it's okay to not feel inspired all the time. I will only post when I have something I truly want to share. As I mentioned, you'll find posts about my DIY and home projects, maybe a recipe here and there, some personal posts about what's going on in my life, maybe some advice or tips on life based on my own experiences, and stories from trips I've taken, particularly to France.

where should I start?

Feel free to click around. Explore the categories below to find some inspiration or use the search bar up top to find what you're looking for. You can read more about me personally below. Questions? Feel free to email me at erica@theunfinishedprojectblog.com.

about erica

Bonjour! It's nice to meet you. I'm Erica, the girl behind The Unfinished Project. I am a lover of French, food, and pirates, wife to an amazingly supportive husband named Justin, and mother to our only child, Dani the Goldendoodle. In my free time you might catch me painting a piece of furniture, perusing my local thrift store, letting it all out here on my blog, out for a run with Dani, cooking up a delicious meal, watching Game of Thrones, or enjoying a glass of sparkling wine. Most likely more than one of those at the same time. My husband and I have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the past several years and we love it here. We both wish we were closer to our families, but we do enjoy our quiet little life here. We are both complete homebodies and rarely ever get out of the house. We do love to travel, though, and try to take one big trip every year. Our biggest dream (okay, my biggest dream) is to one day have a second home in France.

why do you love France so much?

I just always loved France and anything French growing up, so in high school I decided to take French. This led to a French minor in college, which led to a study abroad experience, which in turn led to changing my French minor to a French major. This eventually led to a Master's in French, which led to teaching French. I've traveled to France three times and just love the language, the culture, the scenery, and the people. My husband and I got engaged in Paris. Right now, I teach French part-time at a small college here in Michigan and I absolutely love it.

what do you do for a living?

I work for a virtual school creating content for online French courses. Ever since grad school, I was always intrigued by online education and language learning, and wanted to somehow be involved in that realm. Now I get to live out that dream every day. I also teach a French class at a small college here in Michigan. I've explored a few career paths in my life and it took me a while to find the one that fits. I've worked on films (I have a degree in film, video, and media studies), I've worked in finance (as a super-organizer extraordinaire managing the office), and I've even worked for a web design firm. I guess I just needed to try on a few different hats to find the one that fits!

why do you blog?

I have always loved to write. I used to spend hours as a kid writing stories and forcing my siblings and cousins to be actors in my plays. When I got older I loved to make little music videos and (again) force my younger siblings and cousins to take part in them (I'm sorry, guys). As a teenager, I would spend hours tweaking my Myspace page (the good old days, right?) and learning HTML. In college, my favorite classes were my video and film production classes, where I got to make short videos and 8mm films. In grad school I actually enjoyed (what!?) writing research papers on French literature. When we bought our first home I became obsessed with finding and making over old furniture with paint. Are you seeing a trend here? There is a part of my soul that needs to create. My little blog gives me a place to do combine all of that and create whatever my heart desires.

can you talk about your husband?

Okay, okay, since you asked, I guess I can share a little about my other half. But only because you asked. Justin and I met during college and dated for seven years before we got married. In that time, we lived moved at least five times (I honestly lost count), switched countries a couple times (he's Canadian), got a dog, gone to grad school, started new careers, and bought a house. After all that, we figured we might as well make it official and get married, right? He is my biggest supporter and voice of encouragement, reasoning, and comfort. He supports me in everything I do, even when I'm being ridiculous (bless his heart). We got married in 2016 on the lake where I grew up. No, literally, where I grew up. I grew up on Lake St. Clair, right next door to my grandparents, and that's where we had our backyard wedding (although on the lake we call it the front yard). It was magical and perfect in every way.

can we be friends?

Please! I would love to! Let's connect on social media, or send me an email! If you are local to Grand Rapids I would love to meet up! I'm not kidding. Making friends as an adult is the most awkward thing ever, right? Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate that you're here.