Cabinet Makeover Inspiration from Wayfair

Okay everyone. Have you seen those Wayfair commercials where they talk about free shipping, and the husband is all pumped up because they bought something on and it all shipped for free? No? Just me?

Those commercials are what got me to visit and I haven’t looked back since. While I’ve only actually purchased a few things from their site, I often find myself scrolling and dreaming and saving things to my wishlist. Our living room curtains, living room area rug, bedding, and pillows are all from Wayfair.

So when I saw an email in my inbox a while back from someone at Wayfair, it instantly grabbed me attention. This wasn’t just a promotional email (which I ALWAYS OPEN and look through – seriously, no other stores can get me to open their “Sale! Today only!” emails, except for maybe TJ Maxx). They were sharing a recent blog post about refinishing kitchen cabinets and adding new hardware.

So of course I wanted to check it out! What a silly question!

Ithica Rectangle Novelty Knob

(Something like this is totally what I have in mind for my closet door makeover that I’ll soon be sharing… *angel face*)

Kingsport 3 1 2 Center Drop Handle Pull

I mean, look at the curves on this one!


Savoy 3

Oh my goodness I can’t even.

You can check out the full post here: Cabinet Makeovers from the Experts. I think my favorite is the first one by Kassandra at Little Dekonings. I love how she painted the cabinets gray. It seems like white kitchens are the go-to these days (and rightfully so, because they’re amazing), but sometimes a darker color like gray can take it to a whole new level. I’ve actually been considering painting our cabinets gray… maybe… one day… don’t tell my husband. The other delicious detail are those cup pulls on the drawers. I have cup pulls in our kitchen and I love them so much for their nostalgic feel.

This whole post inspired me on multiple levels.

I had been going through a bit of a lull with things. My home projects had slowed down because I wasn’t feeling very excited and inspired. And I hadn’t written in my blog in months. Like, several months. I don’t even know how many months.

So clicking through to this post, reading these stories and seeing how these DIY-ers made their tired old spaces beautiful again, was kind of a kick in the butt for me. Why wasn’t I DIY-ing anymore, and more importantly, why wasn’t I writing anymore!? I knew I had so many great projects and bad projects and so many trial-and-error experiences and wins and fails and DIY love to put out there into the world, and I was keeping it all to myself.

That’s when I started writing again, and shortly thereafter moved over to this new site, gave this place a new name, and got my home project life back on track.

So I want to say thank you Wayfair and to all the bloggers whose projects were featured in that article for reminding how much I love the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a good DIY and, even more so, how much I love sharing it all with the world.

Now, to get back to scrolling through that cabinet hardware section… 

Happy DIY-ing my friends!

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