Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Tree Topiaries

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Today I am sharing how to make these super easy DIY Christmas tree topiaries. You can make them for about $5 each and in under an hour!

But I’ve got to say, I think my favorite part about these topiaries is that while they are Christmas-y, they’re neutral enough to stay up all winter! That’s a huge plus for me, because I try to keep the number of decor items I have to a minimum, especially since I became a Konmari convert and purged everything earlier this year. So pieces that serve multiple purposes and can stay out for more than just a month get extra credit in my book.

Alright, enough talking already! Let’s get into the project!


diy christmas tree topiaries

Supplies (for one topiary)

  • small flower pot
  • foam disc – this will be your base (make sure it fits snugly in the pot you want to use)
  • foam cone – this will be the tree
  • one package of reindeer moss
  • one package of Spanish moss
  • a stick from the backyard – try to find one that’s as straight as possible
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • scissors
  • drop cloth

Making these moss topiaries was so easy, and I got all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree, except for the flower pots, the branch, and the tools I used (which you probably already have on hand), so they are also really inexpensive! 

DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies

step 1. make the tree

To make each topiary, I started by making the “tree” first. Take the foam cone, carefully apply some hot glue to one small section at a time (I usually made a small circle about the size of a quarter), and then very carefully apply a chunk of reindeer moss to the glue. Be careful not to burn your fingers. I probably should have been wearing gloves or something, but I like to live on the edge I guess. Each time, I used a piece of moss that was pretty thick, so that I could kind of ball it up and press down into the glue and the thick clump of moss would protect my fingers.

DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies
DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies

Continue to apply the moss to the entire cone. I started at the top and worked my way to the bottom. Don’t worry too much about how it looks at this point. You’re going to have extra moss and it might look a bit unruly. You might also have some bald spots. That’s okay, we’re going to go back and fix that up later.

DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies

Finish off the tree by applying glue and moss to the top and bottom of the cone (on the bottom, just do around the edges, as you won’t really see the bottom when it’s finished).

DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies
DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies

Once the glue has cooled, give the tree a good shake to remove any loose pieces of moss, and if you want, you can take your scissors and trim any areas that look especially wild. Now go back and fill in any bare spots.

step 2. make the base

Now we’re going to make the base using the foam disc, Spanish moss, and the branch you found in your backyard. Try to find a stick that is relatively straight, and thick enough to be sturdy. The one I used is about a half inch in diameter.

First, break off the stick to your desired height, being sure to leave enough room to insert it about halfway into the tree and a couple inches into the foam base. You can always make it shorter later, so make sure you leave yourself some wiggle room. Dry fit the tree trunk into both the tree and the base by inserting it right in the center of each. If you’re having trouble inserting it, you can use your scissors to make a small hole. Once you’ve got it placed where you want it, remove the stick.

DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies

Apply the Spanish moss to the top of the foam disc using the same method as you did for the tree. Be sure not to cover the hole you just made. At this point, it’s going to look like a wild bird’s nest. Once you’ve got all the moss applied, take your scissors and trim the edges a bit.

DIY Christmas Tree Moss Topiary With Dollar Store Supplies

step 3. finish it up

Now you’re ready to put it all together! Apply a bit of hot glue to one end of the stick and insert it into the hole you made in the tree. Do the same on the other end and insert it into the base. I’m not sure if this makes a big difference, but I figured adding a bit of glue would make it sturdier.

Place your finished tree and base into the pot you want to use. For mine, I used these super easy DIY Chalk Painted Flower Pots.

And that’s it! Easy, right? I love how easy these are to make, and I especially love the fact that I can keep them out all winter long! This is a really quick and easy project that looks much fancier than it actually is! You could do the same thing using a foam ball or any other shape and have DIY moss topiaries year-round!


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Quick and easy DIY Christmas tree moss topiaries with hot glue and dollar store supplies

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