Gift Guide: French-Inspired Finds for Francophiles

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Hello! Or should I say bonjour?

With the holidays approaching I found myself doing some window shopping online to get gift ideas and inspiration. Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t even begun shopping yet…

Of course, this led me down a rabbit hole of pretty decor items, kitchen items, and being the francophile that I am, just all-around general French-inspired items. I loved all of these things so much I thought I’d put together a little gift guide, in case you have any French lovers to shop for this year.

Ahem… let me clarify, lovers of French to shop for this year.

(or French lovers, hey, no judgment here!)

Okay. Anyway… Without further ado, je vous présente my French-inspired gift guide for francophiles.

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Shop gifts for francophiles:

Being a Francophile is about so much more than just loving France or the French language. It’s about an appreciation for food, art, spending time with loved ones, reading, relaxing. Just soaking up all of life’s simple pleasures, ya know? This guide includes some great items for picnicking (les pique-niques), cooking (like Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking), writing and stationery, and of course just pretty decor items for the home.
Everything I’ve gathered here isn’t just limited to French enthusiasts like me (because let’s be honest, I know I’m a little weird). These items are all cozy, vintage, pretty, and useful (in my opinion, at least!) and would make a great gift for any francophiles, old souls, vintage lovers, or travelers in your life.
So what do you think? Any francophiles on your shopping list this year? Have you already done all your shopping? Am I the only one who hasn’t even started yet!? Feel free to click on through and happy shopping mes amis!

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