Gift Guide: Classic Kitchen Gifts for the Cook on your List

Good morning, friends! How was your Thanksgiving? I’m back today with another gift guide to help you out with your holiday shopping.

I love to cook, and owning great kitchen tools make the experience of cooking that much more enjoyable (not to mention easy). I think kitchen items make great gifts, because I know that personally, I never want to go out of my way to purchase things like this for myself. It just never seems to be a top priority, you know?

But buying items for someone else’s home can be difficult. What’s their style? What do they need? What do they even want? To make it easier, I rounded up a few classic and useful kitchen items that I think everyone should have in their kitchen. 

Kitchen Gift Guide: Classic Kitchen Gifts Under $100 for the Cook

I’ve included a range of items, from more expensive splurges like the knife set, to super affordable “nice-to-have” things like that beautiful cookbook stand. Whether you’re looking to buy a larger gift, or just a little something to add a special touch to the kitchen, this kitchen gift guide has got you covered, and everything is under $100.

Classic, useful items that every cook needs

These essential items are a must for anyone who enjoys cooking. A cast iron enameled casserole, a set of classic Corningware, and a great knife set are all kitchen essentials. I love the clean, white look of all of these, and I think when buying a gift for someone else, you can’t go wrong with white. 

Pretty touches

I keep saying to myself that I want to start using cookbooks more often. I get so sick of looking at my phone screen all the time, not to mention what a pain it can be to try and scroll on your phone to follow recipe directions with dirty hands! So I’ve personally got my eye on that cookbook stand with all of its weathered, vintage French appeal (*major heart eyes*). A set of nice white canisters are great for storing baking supplies or coffee, and their clean white look makes them great for open shelving in the kitchen. I also love these terrycloth dish towels with their neutral blue-gray coloring.

Other gadgets

I have a spice drawer that is in a state of complete chaos. As much as it sometimes feels like a waste of time to decant groceries into pretty containers, I think having a nice space rack on display would make it worth the hassle. A Silpat baking sheet is a must (so I’ve heard) for anyone who likes to bake, yet it’s one of those things that I would never buy for myself. And last but not least, have you heard all the craze about the Instant Pot? I don’t have one, but I’ve heard they’re amazing!


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Well, now it’s off to *ahem* start my own Christmas shopping. I’m still in the idea-gathering phase, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to knock it all out pretty quickly once I’m done brainstorming 😉 Until next time, mes amis.


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