Quick and Easy Midcentury End Table Makeover

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a while since I posted a bona fide furniture makeover (that’s because it’s been a while since I’ve actually done one), but today I’m back to share with you one of my latest painted furniture projects – this super easy and quick (once I actually decided what I wanted to do) midcentury end table makeover.

White Painted Midcentury End Table Makeover


I picked up this pair of midcentury end tables from a local buy/sell group on Facebook. I had actually been looking for something to use as nightstands in our bedroom, but when I got these home I realized that while they wouldn’t quite work for nightstands, they would be perfect for end tables in our living room! I don’t have any midcentury style furniture, but I dunno, I’ve been drawn lately to more modern decor and furniture with nice, clean lines. I also wanted something light and bright to go next to our big, bulky, dark gray couch. Turns out these little end tables fit perfectly!

When I first brought them home, they had what appeared to be remnants of red paint that had been partially removed, so they weren’t the prettiest to look at… but they had potential!

White Painted Midcentury End Table Makeover Before

Of course, being the big procrastinator that I am, they sat beside our couch for months just so, red paint and all. I can’t help it, I have (furniture) commitment issues, okay?! I thought about painting them gray… I applied some marble contact paper to the tops… I considered painting them a color like light blue… But ultimately, I decided to go with the “keep it simple” method and just paint them white. I also was so sick of looking at them by that point, that I just picked something and went with it, thinking that if I didn’t like how they turned out, I would attempt to sell them.

Fortunately, I love how they turned out, and I LOVE how they brighten up our space. One day, I will share our living room on here. But right now, it’s so unfinished I can’t bring myself to do it. I have a partially-stripped coffee table just waiting to be finished (are you sensing a pattern here?), and a new rug on the way, and then maybe, just maybe, I will deem it share-worthy.

For now, you can look at the pretty end table on its own. This project was very easy, and a perfect testament to how much you can transform not only a piece of furniture, but an entire room(!) with just a few coats of paint. Below is a quick tutorial, if you want to try this yourself. For more detailed advice on painting furniture, be sure to check out my Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture!

White Painted Midcentury End Table Makeover


Painted Midcentury End Table Makeover


  • Household cleaning spray
  • Primer
  • White furniture paint
  • Matte polycrylic top coat
  • Angled paint brush
  • Mini paint roller and tray
  • Lint-free cloth

I started out by giving these tables a nice cleaning with a generic cleaning spray, just to remove any dust or dirt from the surface.

Next, I applied two coats of primer to the laminate tops. This helps the paint adhere to the smooth, shiny laminate surface. Although it wasn’t necessary, I also primed the legs and body of the tables while I was at it, so that I wouldn’t have to use as much paint to get full coverage.

Once the primer was fully dry, I went ahead with the paint. I applied two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement, a nice, crisp white, waiting a couple hours in between coats. I used an angled paint brush on the legs and body of the tables, and a mini paint roller on the tops for a nice, smooth finish. Note that depending on the paint roller you’re using, you might end up with bubbles. To fix this, I simply took the angled paint brush, dipped it in a tiny bit of paint, and then LIGHTLY brushed over the surface (hardly applying any pressure at all) to smooth out the bubbles.

After both coats of paint were fully dried, I applied three coats of Fusion Tough Coat Matte Wipe-On Poly to the tops. Fusion Mineral Paint doesn’t require a top coat like chalk paint does, but if your piece is going to get a lot of use, and especially for surfaces you’ll be setting things on, I highly recommend applying a polycrylic top coat to protect the painted surface. You can use any polycrylic (not polyurethane!) and apply it with a brush, a foam brush, or even a cloth. Just follow the instructions on the back of the can. I like to use Fusion Tough Coat because you apply it with a damp lint-free cloth, which minimizes the look of brush strokes that you might get when applying with a brush.

I had contemplated replacing the drawer pulls, and even bought some new ones to try out, but I ended up using the original hardware. I really like the contrast between the bright white tables and the tarnished brassy pulls.

Putting these tables back into the living room completely transformed our space. I love the bright white and crisp, clean, slim lines of these end tables. They really open up the room and make it feel spacious, airy, and clean. It really is amazing what a couple coats of paint can do!

Thanks so much for stopping by and following along on my adventures! Please let me know if you try this, or any tutorial I’ve shared! And if you want even more information on painting furniture, don’t forget to check out my Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture. You can also see my other furniture makeovers here!


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White Painted Midcentury End Table Makeover


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