October Reflections

Hello, beautiful souls. I haven’t given many personal updates lately so I thought I’d do one of these monthly recap posts where I take a look back at the previous month and take a look ahead at the next month. In the future when I do these posts, I’ll have set goals or plans to look back and reflect on, but since this is my first one, I’m just kinda winging it. So bear with me!

October has been… an interesting month. My first full month as a 29-year-old has not disappointed in the “keeping me on my toes” category. I wasn’t sure that I was going to share this here, and I’m still not really all that sure if I should, but if I don’t it’s just gonna be awkward, and nobody wants that. So I’ll just get right to it. At the beginning of the month, I got laid off from my job. They were cutting costs and needed to make some layoffs. So here I am. I was completely shocked, but I honest-to-goodness think this is for the best. I did not let it get me down. I was and am okay with it.

Did you notice you’ve been seeing more of me here lately? That’s why. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. And honestly, while there have of course been stressful moments of uncertainty, I am actually happier and feel more alive than I have in years. I know people say things like that all the time, but it’s the truth. I just feel free and good and like me. If you know me well, you know that I am a bit of a soul-searcher. I have been coming up with new life plans every six months or so for as long as I can remember. I joke about it, but it really is true. I spend a lot of time in my own head, and I always feel like I’m looking for that thing. You know, the thing that makes you feel happy and alive and like you have a true purpose? That thing. 

You might say that it’s an illusion and that it doesn’t really exist, but I believe it does. I know it does, because I have felt it in moments where I was working away at something that brought me joy, that brought me fulfillment, that felt to me like it mattered. I know that there is something in the world that I am meant to be doing. And maybe that won’t always just be one thing. In fact, I think maybe it changes throughout our lives as we grow and change. But I believe in finding my calling. The thing that sparks joy in my soul. And I will always, always, always continue on my quest for it. 


Last week I made a few changes to this site and updated my About page. I talked about the meaning of this blog’s name and why I love blogging (amongst many other things). If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading what I have to say (because sometimes I ask myself why anyone would ever want to read what I have to say). Thank you for giving me a place to be creative and write. It would be an absolute dream to call myself a “full-time blogger” but that is so very far from reality. This blog is just my silly little hobby and my creative outlet, so thank you for supporting that.

So that brings me to why I wanted to share this with you, because I almost didn’t. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’ve gone through a few dry spells. Feeling bogged down, busy, and uninspired makes me avoid this place like the plague. I used to feel bad about it, but I told myself this summer that it’s okay to take time away every now and then. I will not post unless I feel absolutely and truly inspired to share something. And that means that what I am sharing is coming from my heart. So to talk about all the great things I did in October and leave out this ~minor~ detail felt dishonest and weird.

Speaking of feeling inspired, October has been my most active month for posting in a long time. Which is good news, and just proves my point in saying that I feel better now than I have in soooo long. I’m feeling free and creative and inspired. Full of ideas. So watch out.

Navy blue dress, navy dress shirt, light blue tie, wedding date, maroon lips

In terms of work, I realized I never shared here that I began teaching a French class this fall at a small college here in Michigan. I studied French throughout high school and college, and actually have a master’s degree in French. I believe learning another language is such a powerful gift, and I love to teach French and see how it can transforms others’ lives, even in the smallest ways. Needless to say, I’m very happy to be back in the classroom.

I’ve got some other things in the works, but I’ll share those at a later time because I don’t want to jinx myself. 😉 So I’m going to leave it at that for now. Here are some miscellaneous October things.

What I read:

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. Life-changing, I swear. Serendipitously, I signed up for Audible and began listening to this book like two weeks before my layoff. This book covers so much, I could write an entire post about it (and maybe I will in the future), but all of it was so amazingly spot-on for what I needed to hear right at the very moments I heard it. If you’re looking for an extra push to pull yourself out of a slump and really, truly find happiness, I would definitely recommend it.

What I listened to:

Tom Petty. I Won’t Back Down has been my theme song this month. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man has been my jam as well. I also discovered Sir Sly (both High and &Run). You can follow me on Spotify here if you’re interested in my weird music choices.

Where I went:

Several trips home and a really quick trip to Toronto for a wedding. That’s about it for us this month. At the end of September we spent a weekend up in Traverse City, which I will eventually get around to sharing here. It’s a good story!

What I watched:

Ever since Game of Thrones wrapped up I haven’t had the courage or mental energy to commit to another full-on series. We stopped watching American Horror Story this season after the first episode. We just couldn’t handle it anymore. Too ridiculous. We love The Mick because Kaitlin Olson is fantastic. We still like to binge watch old episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And I have yet to make the time to catch up on the latest season of Poldark, but it’s on my list.

What I did:

I spent a lot of time with Dani! Daily walks are great for both of us.

Goldendoodle in the car sitting in front seat

I also got back on it with some of my home projects and shared a lot more here on the blog. You can check out all of my October posts below:

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Goals for November:

In November I am planning to start and finish the dresser makeover for our guest bedroom, get my office space organized (it currently, no joke, is a room of Unfinished Projects… literally, there is furniture piled in one corner), and finally get around to painting our stairs (ughhhh). November is gonna be a good month. My mom is moving, Thanksgiving is on its way, and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a trip to Chicago to visit my BFF. Until then, I will see you around here!



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