Planning a French Industrial Home Office Makeover

Mood board for a cozy yet clean French Industrial home office

Hello friends, and happy Monday! Today also just so happens to be my beautiful mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, mom!

It’s been quiet around here lately… And that’s because it hasn’t been quiet around here in real life. I’ve been gone traveling the last two weekends and working a lot in between. You should see my house right now (actually, no, please don’t look). It’s a mess, ya’ll.

Since I haven’t been very productive on the actual getting-things-done front, I thought I’d share with you today some inspiration for my next big project: our home office makeover.

That’s right, I’m taking a different approach this time and actually planning and decorating a room from start to finish! Well, that’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how that works out…

Since we’ve lived in this house, our home office/spare room has been a landing place for all our extra crap. I honestly just kind of avert my eyes and ignore it when I walk by. Seriously, I don’t know how two people can accumulate so much stuff… but we have. This is the room that stores all of my furniture and little knick knacks that are waiting to be painted, extra home decor stuff that I’m too afraid to either just put out or get rid of, craft and painting supplies, Justin’s work stuff, random office supplies, linens… I like to refer to it as my room of Unfinished Projects. It’s a nightmare. As I started to dive into cleaning/organizing this monster last night, I felt like I was solving one of those puzzles where you have to move the pieces around to form a picture, but you can only move one little piece at a time. Do you know what I’m talking about? Just picking stuff up from one area and putting it into another. Ugh, so frustrating!

But! I’m trying to get my life together here, guys, I swear. I’m going to be buying a new computer soon and I needed to create a nice, organized, welcoming space for it, so it’s time to overhaul the home office. I can just feel it. Instead of being the room I literally try to avoid going into at all costs, I want to create a room that is my productivity sanctuary. So since I’m trying to do this the right way and actually go into it with a plan, I created a mood board.

My inspiration for my home office makeover is French Industrial. Whatever that means, right? I want nice, clean lines with some rustic touches. I want simple, I want organized. Yet I also want cozy and inviting. I want this to be a place where I can get tons of work done and relax all at the same time. I want this to be a room that I love to spend time in.

The biggest project in here that I’m hoping to tackle is building a desk. We already have a desk in this room, but I want to build a custom stand-up desk so that I can stand at my computer. If I can pull it off, we’ll have that plus the sit-down desk which will double as my craft table. I’d also like to build some bookshelves similar to the one in my inspiration photo. Again, clean, simple, uncluttered.

Doing this whole room from start to finish is going to be a big challenge for me. We all know how I tend to jump from one project to the next before finishing the first one… and there are a lot of projects to be done here.

So to keep myself on track, here’s my list:

  • Build and paint/stain standing desk
  • Paint existing desk and file cabinet
  • Build a DIY chalkboard for the wall behind the desk
  • Build or purchase shelving unit
  • Organize craft/painting supplies, office supplies
  • Set up computer, printer, books, etc.
  • Buy and hang white curtains
  • Bring in couch or a chair
  • Decorate

Before jumping into this project, however, I am going to finish the beadboard closet door makeover in our bedroom that I’ve left sitting for weeks. 

I’m so ready to get back on track! Be sure to check back for updates and to see how this room is coming along!

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